How sound systems have evolved into AV

The sound systems of yesteryears have undergone a change for the better in the past few decades. Synthesizers brought about a change in the music industry, thanks to their capabilities to play tunes of different music instruments. This helped reduce the number of traditional musical instruments and the number of microphones required for each. However, the speaker system of those days were far from perfect and did not have the ability to deliver crystal clear sound, especially when played at high volumes. As a consequence, the rendering of the high and low notes suffered severely. The synthesizer could produce high quality music as long as performers used its inbuilt speaker for the output. However, the volume of their speakers, measured in wattages, was not enough to cater to a huge gathering. It was the same for visual systems too. People sitting at the back of a huge gathering could not see the performer(s). The modern generation audio video systems have eliminated both of these problems. However, in order to get the best results one should have thorough knowledge about these systems as well as av installation.

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Planning the installation

One first needs to see the place where the function is going to take place. This is important because it determines which av system is appropriate. Audio video system consists of two separate parts... the audio and the video. The speaker system ought to be placed strategically so that the sound emitted by them reaches the entire audience. Apart from this, one should also ensure that two sets of speakers are not facing each other as this will cause a distortion in sound quality as the audio waves emitted by one speaker collides with that of the other. The box should have a normal speaker, a tweeter (required to reproduce high notes properly), and a bass (this is necessary for rendering low notes faithfully). Apart from this, the box should also have dampening systems built inside it so that the sound from the speakers does not conflict with the sound bouncing back from the back of the box.

The video display

It is important to check the placement of the video display during av installation. LCD (liquid crystal displays) and LED (light emitting diode) monitors have a specific viewing angle. If a person views the screen from an angle outside the display's viewing range, he will get a distorted view. Therefore, one should place the displays in different parts of the ground so that all of the spectators have a clear view of at least one monitor. Apart from this, the height of the display should be such that the viewers do not have to strain their neck to view it. It is best to get in touch with a specialist and seek his help in av installation. Keeping this in mind, you should ensure that you hire the equipment from a company whose charges includes setting up the audio video equipment. Ensure that the show goes off without a hitch and that the spectators do not face any problems in hearing the audio or viewing the monitor.